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123 FAQs Cricket  Games  continued

FAQs – What is Scorer?

Ans – It   is a person officially responsible for recording the scoring and detailed statistics of the game.

FAQs – What is Season?

Ans – It   is the period of each year when cricket is played

FAQs – What is Selector?

Ans – It   is a person who is assigned the task of choosing players for a cricket team.

FAQs – What is Session?

Ans – It   is a period of play

FAQs – What is Six?

Ans – It   is a shot which passes over or touches the boundary without having bounced or rolled

FAQs – What is Skipper?

V Ans – It   is the Captain

FAQs – What is Sledging?

Ans – It   is verbal exchanges between players on opposing sides.

FAQs – What is Slip?

Ans – It   is a close fielder behind the batsman next to the wicket-keeper on the off-side.

FAQs – What is Spin Bowling?

Ans – It   a style of bowling in which a bowler imparts spin on the ball using either their fingers or their wrist.

FAQs – What is Square?

Ans – It   a position on the field which perpendicular to the line of the pitch

FAQs – What is Sticky Wicket?

Ans – It   is a difficult wet pitch.

FAQs – What is Stroke?

Ans – It   is an attempt by the batsman to play at a delivery.

FAQs – What is Stump? 

Ans – It   is one of the three vertical posts making up the wicket

FAQs – What is Swing?

Ans – It   is a bowling style usually employed by fast and medium-pace bowlers.

FAQs – What is Tampering?

Ans – It   is illegal scratching, scuffing or unnaturally altering the cricket ball.

FAQs – What is Target?

Ans – It   is the score that the team batting last has to score to beat their opponents.

FAQs – What is Test Cricket? 

Ans – It   is timed matches that last up to five days with two innings per team.

FAQs – What is The Ashes?

Ans – It   is his perpetual prize in England v Australia Test match series.

FAQs – What is Third Umpire?

Ans – It   an off-field umpire equipped with a television monitor

FAQs – What is throwing of a bowler?

Ans – It is   an illegal bowling action in which the arm is straightened during the delivery.

FAQs – What is Tie?

Ans – It   the result of a cricket in which the two team’s scores are equal

FAQs – What is Twenty20 or T20?

Ans – It   is a form of limited over’s cricket in which each team has one innings with a maximum length of twenty overs.

FAQs – What is Umpire? 

Ans – they are the enforcers of the laws and adjudicators of play.

FAQs – What is Umpire Decision Review System?

Ans – It   is a system which allows the fielding captain or the batsmen to request the third umpire to review the standing umpires' previous decision

FAQs – What is Wash out

Ans – It   is a cricket match which is abandoned with either no play or very little play due to rain.

FAQs – What is Wicket Maiden?

Ans – It   is a maiden over in which the bowler also dismisses a batsman.

FAQs – What is Wicket-keeper?

Ans – He is the player on the fielding side who stands behind the batting end wicket.

FAQs – What is wide?

Ans – It   is a delivery that passes illegally wide of the wicket

FAQs – What is Back Foot?

Ans – It   is the foot that is closest to the stumps.

FAQs – What is batting?

Ans – It   is the act and skill of defending one's wicket and scoring runs.


FAQs – What is bowled?

Ans – It   is Batsman dismissal when a delivery hits the stumps

FAQs – What is caught?

Ans – It   is a method of dismissal in which one of the fielders, including the bowler, catches the ball before it touches the ground after the batsman hits it

FAQs – What is direct hit?

Ans – It   is a throw from a fieldsman that directly strikes and puts down a wicket

FAQs – What is Fielder?

Ans – It   is a player on the fielding side

FAQs – What is Glove?

Ans – It   is padded hand protection

FAQs – What is Gully?

Ans – It   is a close fielder near the slip fielders

FAQs – What is handled?

Ans – It   is when batsman touches the ball with his hands while the ball is still live.

FAQs – What is Hat-trick?

Ans – It   is a bowler taking a wicket off each of three consecutive deliveries that he bowls in a single match

FAQs – What is Hit Wicket?

Ans – It   is a batsman getting out by dislodging the bails of the wicket behind him either with his bat or body

FAQs – What is Innings?

Ans – It   is one team turn to bat or bowl

FAQs – What is lost ball

Ans – It   is a condition in which a fielding team cannot retrieve a hit ball due to it being lost or otherwise out of reach.

FAQs – What is Maiden Over?

Ans – It   is an over in which no runs are scored off the bat and no wide or no-balls are bowled.

FAQs – What is Man of the match?

Ans – It   an award which may be given to the highest scoring batsman, leading wicket taker or best overall performer in a match.

FAQs – What is Match Fixing?

Ans – It   is bribing players of one of the teams to deliberately play poorly,

FAQs – What is Match Referee?

Ans – It   an official whose role is to ensure that the spirit of the game is upheld.

FAQs – What is Mecca of cricket? 

Ans – It   refers to the Lord's cricket ground, also known as the Home of Cricket.

FAQs – What is Medium-pace?

Ans – It   a bowler who bowls slower than a pace bowler

FAQs – What is Nets?

Ans – It   is a pitch surrounded on three sides by netting used by for practice by batsman and bowler

FAQs – What is No Ball?

Ans – It   is an illegal delivery of the ball

FAQs – What is Point?

Ans – It   is a fielding position square of the batsman's off side.

FAQs – What is Power Play?

Ans – It   is a block of over’s in ODI which offer a temporary advantage to the batting side.

FAQs – What is Referral?

Ans – It   is a request for an on-field umpiring decision to be reviewed by the third umpire.

FAQs – What is Result?

Ans – It   is the final outcome of a match.

FAQs – What is run out?

Ans – It   is dismissal by a member of the fielding side breaking the wicket while the batsman in the process of making a run.

FAQs – What is Sightscreen?

Ans – It   is a large board placed behind the bowler beyond the boundary and is used to provide contrast to the ball

FAQs – What is Single?

Ans – It   is a run scored by the batsmen physically running once only between the wickets.

FAQs – What is Square Leg?  

Ans – It   is a fielding position on the one side approximately at right angles to the batsman

FAQs – What is Square-cut?

Ans – It   is cut shot, played square,

FAQs – What is Striker?

Ans – It   is the batsman who faces the deliveries bowled.

FAQs – What is Sweep?

Ans – It   a shot played to a good length slow delivery.

FAQs – What is Toss?

Ans – It   is the traditional flipping of a coin to determine which captain will have the right to choose whether to bat or field

FAQs – What is how’s that?

Ans – It is    the shout of a fielding team when appealing.

FAQs – What is LBW? 

Ans – It is Leg before wicket

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