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 Key Concepts of Business Management

What is a Business Organization?

Business Organization is a group of people working together with a collective or specific goal.

What are the Types of Business Organization?

Sole Proprietorship



Business Goals - What is the Goal of a Business Organizational?

These are strategic objectives or plans for a business organization.

These help the business organization achieve financial goals and coordinate employee efforts to achieve the same.

What is Business Management?

Business Management is the act of allocating resources (like finance and people) for achieving goals of the business organization.

Business Management functions include



Employee staffing

Controlling or directing 

Who are Business Managers?

Business Managers are people responsible for managing resources for achieving goals.

They manage activities and people working in a business organization.

What are the Levels of Business Managers?

First Line Business Mangers: Responsible for day to day operations.

Middle Business Managers: They supervise the first line managers.

Top Business Mangers:  They are responsible for the performance of all departments of the business organization. 

What are the different Roles / Functions of an Effective Business Manager?






 Problem Solver




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