- HRD Trainers and Consultants offers full-day and multi-day team building workshops. All of our corporate team building activities are interactive, full of adventure and emphasize business applications. We make your event fun, memorable and - most importantly - results oriented. Workshop Content This highly interactive workshop explores Leadership attributes and behaviors as they relate to successful team management practices. Participants experience team-building activities, discuss team stages, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, understand roles and are transformed into motivated achievers and performers. The entire workshop is entirely activity oriented for maximum results and enhancement of team building skills.

Workshop Information

The workshop is intended to be provided in a lecture format. A variety of practical examples and case studies will also be used, which will be current and relevant to the workshop and the audience. The participants will also be encouraged to play an active role in the workshop. Participants will be encouraged to take part in a variety of exercises, as well as discuss various elements of the workshop and related issues. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes relating to the workshop, as well as tip sheets, checklists and other supporting information, to take away for future reference.


Discuss the role of the leader and how it has evolved over the past decade. Discover one’s own leadership style, discuss results. Analyze various leadership styles and recognize the situations where they are most applicable. Participate in team-building activities, crisis management and discuss exercise outcomes. Determine behavior preferences by participating in interactive exercises. Learn to value the differences in others and how to effectively communicate to these differences. After being sorted into like preferences, engage in problem-solving and communication exercises to demonstrate effectiveness of newfound knowledge. Analyze and discuss how each type is perceived by other types and learning how perception helps to creates problems when communicating and interacting with others. Identify major barriers to effective communication. Analyze the major styles of communication and the characteristics associated with each style.


Concepts of Leadership
Types, Levels, Skills and Characteristics of Leadership
Self Awareness& Motivation
Transactional Analysis
Goal Setting and Accomplishment
Developing Self Esteem and Self Confidence
Interpersonal Relationships
Changing Self Vs Changing Others
Team Building
Communication Skills
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Stress Management
Time Management
Fear Management
Crisis Management
Concepts of Health and Happiness

This workshop provides highly interactive, experiential learning for participants.

Target Audience
This workshop is designed for managers, supervisors or for anyone who desires to enhance their leadership skills. Highly recommended for Project Managers, Project Leaders and for those individuals who will lead projects in the future.

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Excellence in Leadership
A Transformational Workshop on Leadership

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