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FAQs How to Apply to US Colleges and Universities

How to apply for College and how to apply for College or University in USA?

    Steps to apply for college

    University or College

    How to Study in the United States?

    Tips for the International Student

    First Step is to research your options because posts econdary education has six degree levels.

    1.            Associate

    2.            Bachelor

    3.            First Professional

    4.            Master

    5.            Advanced Intermediate

    6.            Research Doctorate

    Remember Postdoctoral Research Programs are available in US.

    Next if it possible take the help of an Educational Advising Center in your country.

     Find and compare colleges.

    Identify, locate compare colleges and courses, type, location, programs, majors, costs, certification etc.

    Look for SEVP - Student Exchange and Visitor Program.

    Finance for your studies. Plan your finance.

    Remember U.S. Government– does not provide grants, loans or general scholarship assistance - for international students but many U.S. academic institutions assist international students.

    Check / contact them for eligibility

    Grants and Scholarships are offered by Businesses, Private foundations and other organizations for research and study.

    Use and collect info using free online scholarship search tool.

    Exchange Programs Administered by the U.S. Government (like the Fulbright Program etc) provides assistance to international students.

     Follow and complete your application. Complete the standardized tests ( Like TOEFL /GRE/SAT).Keep the scores ready at the time of seeking admission.

Study in United Kingdom UK

How to apply for student visa?

Prepare for your visa appointment at a US Consulate / Embassy.

Learn as much as possible about USA


What are the Important US Colleges / Universities?

Brown University             


Columbia University        

Duke University 

Harvard University          


Northwestern University              

Pomona College              

Princeton University       

Stanford University         

University of Chicago     

University of Pennsylvania

Yale University  

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Study in Canada

Study in France

Study in Germany

FAQs Apply US Colleges Training Corporate Business Management Education

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