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FAQs Listening Skills for the Workplace

FAQs Listening skills for the workplace

How to develop listening skills for the work place?

Listening is more difficult than talking!

In effective communication we have to express our feelings, our wants, thoughts and opinions clearly. We also have to listen and understand what others communicate to us.

With efforts listening skills can be developed!

What are the techniques for improving Listening Skills at the work place?



Paraphrasing is the skills of rephrasing what you understand to be the core message of the sender’s communication.


Summarizing are essentially longer statements and they represent the salient aspects of the speaker’s message in an organized way.

What to do while listening at the work place?

Stop talking. You cannot listen if you are talking

Put the talker at ease. Let him/her feel free to talk

Show to the sender that you want to listen

Do not act busy. Show interest

Remove Distraction

Empathize with the sender. Be Patient

Allow plenty of time. Do not interrupt

Hold your temper. Do not make premature evaluation

Go easy on arguments and criticisms

Ask Questions. This is active Listening


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