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Petroleum Engineers

What is Petroleum Engineering?

For extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface Petroleum engineers design and develop methods. These engineers also find new ways to extract gas and oil from older wells.

Petroleum engineers generally work at drilling and well sites or in offices. 

Travelling is frequently required to visit these sites.


What to Study for Jobs and careers in Petroleum Engineering?

Graduate / Post Graduate degree in Petroleum Engineering

Also those having in a degree in civil, mechanical, chemical engineering may be considered.

What is the Scope and Job Profiles in Petroleum Engineering?

Drilling Engineer

LNG Production & Handling Engineer

Natural Gas Modeling & Simulation Engineer

Pipeline Engineer

Pipeline Transportation Engineer

PNG, CNG Operation & Distribution Engineer

Production Engineer

Reservoir Engineer

Software developers 


Where to Study Petroleum Engineering in United States?

Colorado School of Mines

Texas A&M University

University of Oklahoma - Norman Campus

University of Texas – Cockrell School of Engineering

University of Tulsa




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