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What do Software Product Managers Do?

What do Software Product Managers Do? Job Profile and Skills Requirement

What do Software product managers do?

The software product manager leads and manages one or several software products.

The software product manager is involved from the inception to the phase-out of the product

The software product manager creates customer value.

The software product manager delivers measurable business benefits.

The   software product manager collaborates with cross-functional teams like customer service, engineering, finance, installation, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance, sales, testing, etc.

The software product manager converts a product into business success.

The software product manager determines what products, enhancements and features to build and develop.

 The software product manager is accountable for the business success within an entire product portfolio.

The software product manager develops the product roadmap.

 The software product manager is responsible for the entire value chain of a product throughout its life cycle.


What are the Key Skills required?

Domain Knowledge

Management Skills and Soft Skills like communication, decision making, problem solving, analytical thinking, team management skills, time and task management skills etc.

Technical knowledge.


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