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since 2000

Faculty Development Program
Infographics Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Program

Objectives: Faculty Development Program embraces an approach that assesses extensively the needs of key stakeholder groups, and then designs a comprehensive, strategic program that targets those needs. Continuous feedback and program improvements insure that institutional investments of time and emotional energy are optimized, while keeping costs manageable.


Workshop Information

A variety of practical examples and case studies will also be used, which will be current and relevant to the workshop and the audience. The participants will also be encouraged to play an active role in the workshop. Participants will be encouraged to take part in a variety of exercises, as well as discuss various elements of the workshop and related issues.

Topics covered:

Understanding Self, Role & Environment

Motivation / Focus

Developing Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Effective Communication & Presentation

Transactional Analysis

IPR Skills and Mapping Relationships

Emotional Quotient

Empathizing the power of connecting with people

Decision Making, Problem Solving

Assertiveness an alternative to aggressive and submissive behavior

Positive Mental Attitude


Personal and Professional Ethics

Spiritual quotient

Effective Leadership and Managerial Skills

Case Studies

Time and Stress Management

Health and Happiness

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