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"Babubali 2" and "Dangal" are two Indian movies which grossed more than 1000 crore rupees in box office collections. Before these movies any movie collecting more than 100 crores was considered a great success. Indian film industry produces a large number of movies  and in different languages. Few are successful. Many are failures. But these two movies have created history in both box office collection and popularity. Many popular consumer products and services have joined the marketing bandwagon.

What makes a movie successful and popular? What makes audiences get back to movie theaters? What is the role of story and narration? How to reach global audiences? What is the role of social media in marketing of movies.

Factors which play an important role in success of movies

1. Story / Narrative - Successful films have great stories or narratives to be told. A father and his dream (Dangal) or a warrior with kingdom intrigues ( Bahubali 2) had great narratives and connectivity with the audiences.


2. Values and Belief Systems. Movies which appeal or connect to the values and belief systems tend to be more appreciated or successful.

Every generation needs value and belief reinforcement and appreciates values like bravery honesty, commitment, handwork, dedication, ethics among others. The father and his relationship with his daughters, a goal and it's achievement in spite of difficulties and their ultimate success was a very connecting narrative with audiences.    So was the warrior facing the difficulties and challenges of the kingdom intrigues and coming out victorious. These belief and value systems are  appreciated and valued by  civilizations with a history of kings and kingdoms (along with the mysteries and intrigues). Dangal had a successful run in China also.

3. Feel Good Factor. Every movie is like a consumer product which has certain features that  translate into benefits. These films had  a feel good narrative in the end. The success  of commitment and dedication or the win of good over  evil was a narrative which had a feel good factor .

4. Team and Team Work . A committed and dedicated team can create wonders. Both the movies had great teams working which had excellent skills and teamwork. More...

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