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HR Interviewing Selection Skills & Appraisal Management

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HR Interviewing Selection Skills & Appraisal Management


Hire the right people for your organization. Hiring the right people is difficult and recruitment mistakes are costly. Learn the correct way to interview to ensure that you hire the right people and improve business performance.

A comprehensive recruitment, selection and appraisal training course which covers practical interviewing skills and candidate screening methodology with hands-on exercises and practice interviews.

The course is primarily designed for professionals from all sectors and disciplines who wish to learn how to interview professionally.  

HR Interviewing and Selection Skills

Course Contents

HR Interviewing and Selection Skills

Skills of Interviewing - an Introduction -     

The 3 Ps - Prepare, Practice and Perform

Structuring an Interview

Inter Personal Communication Skills Questioning Skills,

Art of Listening

Reading Body Language & Giving Positive Nonverbal Messages

Information Gathering .Sample Questions

Types of Candidates and How to Deal with Them

Tips on Conducting Panel Interviews and Telephonic Interviews

Closing Interviews


Performance Management

Performance Management And Performance Appraisal

Participants in Performance Management:-

a) Organization b) Supervisor c) Employee

Performance Management Goals

HRs role in Performance Management

Performance Management Process

a)Prerequisites i. Strategic Planning ii. Job Analysis

b) Performance Planning i. Planning for Results, Behavior and Future Development ii. Writing SMART goals


c) Performance Execution

d) Performance Assessment and Appraisal i. Who Should Appraise ii. Performance Appraisal Methods iii. Performance Appraisal Problems iv. Writing the Appraisal Document

Participant Activity: Rewriting Appraisal Statements

Performance Management Skills

a) Communication / coaching / feedback b) Empathy c) Teamwork

Interview Techniques and Role Play

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Developing Management Skills

For Secretaries, Administrative Staff, Executives and Assistants

HR Interviewing Selection Skills & Appraisal Management

Business Writing Skills

Personality Development and Corporate Etiquette

Exceptional Customer Service

Time and Task Management



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