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What are the Specific Qualities for Effective Leadership?

The leadership qualities

 1.      Be courageous

2.      Be decisive

3.      Be dependable

4.      Be well educated

5.      Capability to take effective decisions.

6.      Have a strong wish to lead

7.      Have credibility

8.      Have the quality of persistence in times of adversity

9.      He should have self-confidence


Developing Leadership

10.   He should have the ability to listen and build effective teams.

11.   Innovativeness and creativity

12.   Intelligent

13.   Loyalty

14.   Possess excellent communication skills

15.   Should have a vision and mission

16.   Should have empathy and sympathy for others.

17.   Take responsibility and accountability for his actions

18.   The leader should anticipate the events like to happen

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