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 FAQs - What Students and Professionals Should Not Do in Social Media 

I have been asked many times   about social media marketing  analytics and strategies.

Does the social media platforms  reveal anything about the individual or the organization?

Today social media platforms is a minefield of info on the individual or the organization.

Similarly a professional being considered for a top management position was dropped after review of his  postings across social platforms.

With unlimited benefits which these platform offers it also has huge risks and negative consequences.

Recently an incident involving passengers of Airlines  drew huge negative responses from social platform users across the world leading to huge negative publicity and brand damage.

Some of the risks involved  of not having a proper social media marketing strategy whether you are a professional or a corporate organization.

Identity thefts, cyber threats  phishing, unwanted spamming and trolling, hacking of your profile and posting of unwanted abusive comments from your account, negative perception among other risks and threats.

For Professionals: 

Nothing can be more awkward than when you find that the post or picture which you shared in a personal or emotional disturbed state being discovered by your potential customer, employer or fiance.
Many companies are looking into the social platform profile of candidates.They looks at the comments and pictures for getting a insight into the candidate's personality.

Immigrant officers, law enforcement agencies and even people searching for alliances are having a look at the  social platform profile. 

The social profile picture also speaks along with the actual comments posted by the individual. 

Comments should be  moderated and carefully worded. There are hundreds of cases where individuals and organizations have been booked for offences and arrested for posting comments and pictures. 

Selecting the social profile picture involves both the conscious and the subconscious mind.

When a person creates a fake ID or a modified, it can show or reveal a kind of personality.

The picture is cross checked with his comments which reveals a pattern of his personality. But to a large extent you can figure the personality by looking at his posts and pictures.

Your postings may reveal your dominant personality trait.

You cannot afford to ignore the social media. But taking precautions and safety measures you can ensure that the threats to you and to your organization are minimized. 

Social Media  - What Students and Professionals Should Not Do

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