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Technical Writing Vocabulary or Technical Words

What are Technical Vocabulary or Technical Words?

Technical words are currently being used widely in English language. Understanding these words and terms are very important for students, professionals and others. These are technical, engineering, and medical words which have to be understood and used appropriately.

These words are also used in subjects, education, training, competitive and entrance examinations, civil services, medical entrance, banking or any other sector.

Commonly used technical vocabulary have been compiled with answers and meaning in a user friendly manner.

How to Write a Technical Article?

As a student or professional we are asked to present or write a technical presentation or article.

Keep the following in mind while drafting or writing a technical article

The language you use should be crisp clear and error free.  

Avoid lengthy, complex paragraphs.  

Avoid use of passive voice. 

Make sure you read your article several times and use spell-check.

Never write an article on a topic without proper research and verification. 

The source of information should be impeccable and trustworthy.

A well written article should include the following details






The Body Conclusions/Summary/Results



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