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6 Free But Amazing Tips
to Buy Smart Phones

Google launches Smart Phone called Pixel.

A bold and dynamic initiative by Google to enter the world of smart phones with Android .

How to buy a Smart phone:

Smart Phone should be easy to use and should be available under your budget plan.

Following are the some tasks that you can do on your smartphone:

Uses Of Smartphones

To make and receive calls
Send Messages
Take picture and record movies
watch movies songs and images with clarity
You should be able to use social media sites
Search and browse the internet for information
Do online shopping and access e-commerce sites
Read books using Kindle etc.
Play games
and many other uses

6 Tips - Features or specifications to consider:

Size of the screen
Mobile operating system (iOS or Android)
Camera specifications ( more pixels means more clarity)
Processor (type and speed)
Battery Capacity - should be ideally more than 3000mAh
Phone storage capacity ( more the better)

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