Amazing Facts About Amazon Go Store - With The World's Most Advanced Shopping Technology

We all love shopping at stores and malls. After picking up want we want from the shelves we usually head up to the check out counters, wait in lines patiently, awaiting for our turn to be billed, make the payment and proceed to exit.

Sometimes the waiting time for check out  is more than the time taken to actually select the products.  The waiting time at the check out counters is a put off for many of us.

With Amazon Go Store - All this is set to change.

Amazon Go Store  - With The World's Most Advanced Shopping Technology

The  checkout-free shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.

Their  Just Walk Out technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in a virtual cart. When you’re done shopping, you can just leave the store. Shortly after, you will be charged on  your Amazon account and they will send you a receipt.

Amazon has launched Go  Store at  2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street. and will be open to public in early 2017.

Go Stores offer delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options made fresh every day by  on-site chefs and favorite local kitchens and bakeries. Their  selection of grocery essentials ranges from staples like bread and milk to artisan cheeses and locally made chocolates.

All you need is an Amazon account, a supported smartphone, and the free Amazon Go app.

Happy Shopping.

Amazon Go Store
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