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FAQs - What are the course content and details of Workshop Seminars Courses Best Executive Leadership Training Programs

Excellence in Leadership
A Transformational Workshop on Leadership

Workshop Seminars Courses Best Executive Leadership Training Programs Online Classes

Workshop Information

The workshop is intended to be provided in a lecture format. A variety of practical examples and case studies will also be used, which will be current and relevant to the workshop and the audience. The participants will also be encouraged to play an active role in the workshop. Participants will be encouraged to take part in a variety of exercises, as well as discuss various elements of the workshop and related issues. Participants will receive a comprehensive set of notes relating to the workshop, as well as tip sheets, checklists and other supporting information, to take away for future reference.


Discuss the role of the leader and how it has evolved over the past decade. Discover one’s own leadership style, discuss results. Analyze various leadership styles and recognize the situations where they are most applicable. Participate in team-building activities, crisis management and discuss exercise outcomes. Determine behavior preferences by participating in interactive exercises. Learn to value the differences in others and how to effectively communicate to these differences. After being sorted into like preferences, engage in problem-solving and communication exercises to demonstrate effectiveness of newfound knowledge. Analyze and discuss how each type is perceived by other types and learning how perception helps to creates problems when communicating and interacting with others. Identify major barriers to effective communication. Analyze the major styles of communication and the characteristics associated with each style

Who Should Attend

The course is primarily designed for professionals from all sectors and disciplines who wish to learn how to be an effective leader.  

What is the Duration: 1 day  

Investment : INR  per participant .

Fees includes lunch, tea, certificate etc.

For details and registration:

Please write to askten@gmail.com or call 0 93443 93678

Organizations are invited to nominate their employees for the workshop.

Limited Seats. Kindly register and confirm at the earliest.
















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