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Soft skills  are non-technical skills and competencies that help individuals deal with everyday challenges at the work place effectively.. By honing a few of these soft skills there is a marked difference in job performance and overall personality development. Some of the general soft skills are  effective communication skills,  decision making and problem solving skills, innovation and creativity, interpersonal  relationship skills (IPR) , team work and team building,  negotiating skills, coping and self-management skills like anger, time and stress management offers soft skills training programs and workshops which are customized as per the company’s need and requirements.

A well-skilled workforce equals corporate success. Along with saving your company valuable time and money, you'll provide your employees with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable sales growth, economic value, customer satisfaction and retention, and employee satisfaction and motivation. These skills will help strengthen your bottom line and create a streamlined work environment. - HRD Trainers - A premier training organization offers training solutions for corporate organizations. The HR Training Division has expertise in all spheres and is providing HR Training solutions to a number of global and Indian organizations especially on soft skills and development of leadership qualities. is your perfect choice for your training needs because of its experience and capacity to train your team in HRD Topics including Soft skills. The Training Division has invested time and effort towards providing world-class services, which are both efficient and cost effective for corporate organizations. Our aim is to become a business partner by providing Training suited for your specific requirement and we believe in providing training solutions that facilitates personal growth, skill development, and skill advancement. offers full-day and multi-day workshops. Our workshops are interactive, activity and result oriented with emphasis on business applications

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Soft Skills Training


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Training  on  Soft Skills  Team Building  Communication Skills   Leadership  Supervisory  Skills Time & Stress Management  Creativity  Negotiating Skills Corporate Etiquette  Work & Life Balance Management  Programs Workshops

 Soft Skills  Training Trainers Team Building  Communication Skills   Leadership  Supervisory  Skills Time & Stress Management  Creativity  Negotiating Skills Corporate Etiquette  Work & Life Balance Management  Programs


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