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123 FAQs Cricket  Games

FAQs – What is All Out?

Ans – It is when an innings ends due to ten of the eleven batsmen on the batting side being dismissed.

FAQs – What is All-rounder?

Ans – A player performs well and good at both batting and bowling

FAQs – What is Appeal?

Ans – It is bowler or fielder shouting at the umpire to ask if they have taken the batsman wicket.

FAQs – What is attacking shot?

Ans – It is an aggressive or strong hit by the batsman.

FAQs – What is bad light?

Ans – When light has dimmed and the ball has become difficult to see.

FAQs – What is Bail?

Ans – It one of the two small pieces of wood that lie on top of the stumps to form the wicket.

FAQs – What is Ball Tampering?

Ans – It is Illegal alteration of the condition of the ball

FAQs – What is Ball?

Ans – It is the round object which the bowler bowls

FAQs – What is Bat?

Ans – It is the wooden implement with which the batsman strikes the ball.

FAQs – What is Batsman?

Ans – A player on the batting side

FAQs – What is batting collapse?

Ans – When several batsmen are dismissed in rapid succession for very few runs.

FAQs – What is batting order?

Ans – It the order in which the batsmen bat

FAQs – What is Block?  

Ans – It is a defensive shot

FAQs – What is Bodyline?

Ans – It is bowling directly at the batsman's body

FAQs – What is Bouncer?

Ans – It   is a fast short pitched delivery that rises up near the batsman head.

FAQs – What is Boundary?

Ans – It   is the perimeter of the ground

FAQs – What is Bye?

Ans – When the ball does not make contact with any part of the batsman

FAQs – What is Captain?

Ans – He is the person in command of a whole Team.

FAQs – What is Catch? 

Ans – It   is catching the ball before it touches the ground.

FAQs – What is Caught and bowled

Ans – It   is when a player is dismissed by a catch taken by the bowler.

FAQs – What is caught behind?

Ans – It   is a catch by the wicket-keeper.

FAQs – What is Century?

Ans – It   is an individual score of at 100 runs

FAQs – What is Chuck?

Ans – It   is to throw the ball by bending the elbow.

FAQs – What is Circle?

Ans – It is a painted circle centered in the middle of the pitch with a radius of 30-yard 

FAQs – What is clean bowled? 

Ans – It happens when the ball hits the stumps without hitting the bat or pad.

FAQs – What is Covers 

Ans – It   is a fielding position between point and mid-off

FAQs – What is Crease?

Ans – It   is one of several lines on the pitch near the stumps

FAQs – Who is a curator?

Ans – It   is a person responsible for maintaining the cricket field and preparing the pitch.

FAQs – What is cut?

Ans – It   is a shot played square on the off side to a short-pitched delivery wide of off stump.

FAQs – What is Cutter?

Ans – It   is a break delivery bowled by a fast or medium-pace bowler.

FAQs – What is Dead Ball?

Ans – It   is the state of play between deliveries during which batsmen may not score runs or be given out

FAQs – What is Declaration?

Ans – It the act of a captain voluntarily bringing his side's innings to a close

FAQs – What is Delivery?

Ans – It   is the act of bowling the ball.

FAQs – What is double?

Ans – A player scoring a 1000 runs and taking 100 wickets in the same season.

FAQs – What is Drive?

Ans – It   is a powerful shot generally hit along the ground

FAQs – What is Drop?

Ans – It   is the dropping of a ball that was initially caught by a player fielder.

FAQs – What is Duckworth-Lewis Method? 

Ans – It   is a mathematical rule which determines the winner or target score if a limited over match cannot be completed.

FAQs – What is Edge?

Ans – It   is a slight deviation of the ball off the edge of the bat.

FAQs – What is eleven

Ans – It   is a cricket team which is made of eleven players.

FAQs – What is fast bowling?

Ans – It   is a style of bowling in which the ball is delivered at high speeds

FAQs – What is Flat Pitch?

Ans – It   is a pitch which is advantageous to the batsmen

FAQs – What is Flick?

Ans – It   is a gentle movement of the wrist to move the bat

FAQs – What is Four?

Ans – It   is a shot that reaches the boundary after touching the ground and gives a score of four runs to the batting side.

FAQs – What is Goodly

Ans – It   is   a deceptive spinning delivery by a wrist spin bowler

FAQs – What is Helicopter Shot?

Ans – It   is a batting shot invented and popularized by Indian cricket player M. S. Dhoni.

FAQs – What is Infield?

Ans – It   is the region of the field that lies inside the 30-yard circle.

FAQs – What is Leg Bye?

Ans – It   Extras taken after a delivery hits any part of the body of the batsman other than the bat or the glove.

FAQs – What is Line and length bowling?

Ans – It   is bowling a delivery that pitches on a good length and just outside off stump.

FAQs – What is Non-striker?

Ans – It   is the batsman standing at the bowling end

FAQs – What is not out? 

Ans – It   is the call of the umpire turning down an appeal for a wicket.

FAQs – What is ODI?

Ans – It   is One Day International

FAQs – What is on strike?

Ans – It   is the batsman currently facing the bowling attack

FAQs – What is out? 

Ans – It   is the dismissal of the batsman.

FAQs – What is over?

Ans – It   is the delivery of six consecutive legal balls by a bowler.

FAQs – What is Pace bowling

Ans – It is a style of bowling in which the ball is delivered at high speeds

FAQs – What is Pads?

Ans – It   is protective equipment for batsmen and wicket-keepers covering the legs.

FAQs – What is Partnership?

Ans – It   is the number of runs scored between a pair of batsmen before one of them gets dismissed.

FAQs – What is Pitch?  

Ans – It   is the rectangular surface in the centre of the field usually made of earth or clay. It is 22 yards in length.

FAQs – What is Run Rate?

Ans – It   is the average number of runs scored per over.

FAQs – What is Runner?

Ans – It   is a player from the batting side who assists an injured batsman by running between the wickets.


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