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Corporate Business Decision Making Problem Solving Techniques

How to make an effective decision?

Six Simple Steps for Effective Decision Making

First - The issue is discussed among the group or stake holders.

Second - Opinions and options identified with information available on the topic at hand.

Third - A formal decision proposal on the issue is presented to the group based on the discussion.

Fourth - Call for consensus on the proposal.

Fifth - If no consensus then Identification and addressing of concerns if any.

Sixth - The proposal is amended if required.

 Once a suitable decision is made - it is implemented.

6 Steps - How to solve a problem?

Problem Solving involves the following:

First- Identify the Problem

Second - Understand the Problem

Third - Generate ideas for tackling Problem

Fourth - Choose best method to use

Fifth- Plan how to tackle Problem

Sixth – Use or implement the plan


Check outcomes

Reflect on problem solving approach

Improve on approach next time


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