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FAQs 10 Most Promising Emerging Technologies

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Emerging Technologies

What are the  Most Promising Emerging Technologies?

What is Emerging Technology?

Emerging technologies are those new technologies where there is lot of research and development with immense application benefits and great potential for development.

10 Most Promising Emerging Technologies?                                          

FAQs – What is 3D Printing?

Ans - With 3D printing or additive manufacturing you can produce or create a solid three dimensional object from a digital file.

FAQs – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Ans – Intelligence demonstrated by machines.

FAQs - What is Big Data?

Ans - These are large, complex huge data sets.

FAQs - What are Cancer Vaccines?

Ans - Vaccines for Cancer prevention or cure. 

FAQs – What is Block Chain or Distributed Ledger Technology?

Ans - These are databases that are synchronized and shared across institutions, sites, or geographical regions consensually.

Understanding Emerging Technologies

FAQs – What is Gene therapy?

Ans – Gene Therapy involves using gene cells for treatment of genetic disorders

FAQs – What is In vitro meat?

Ans – In vitro meat is the process and technology of In vitro cultivation of animal’s cells for meat production

FAQs – What is Nanotechnology?

Ans – Nanotechnology involves functional systems engineering at molecular size and scale.

FAQs – What is Robotics?

Ans – Robotics involves Construction, Design Development and manufacturing of robots

FAQs – What is Stem-cell therapy?

Ans – Stem Cell Therapy involves prevention, cure and treatment of diseases using stem cells



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