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Important Biology Terms Definitions

FAQs – What is Astrobotany?

Ans – Astrobotany is the study of plants in space

FAQs – What is Bacteriology?

Ans – Bacteriology is the study of bacteria

FAQs – What is Biogeography?

Ans – Biogeography is the study of the distribution of species spatially and temporally

FAQs – What is Bioinformatics?

Ans - Bioinformatics uses information technology for the study, collection, and storage of genomic and biological data.

FAQs – What is Biolinguistics?

Ans - Biolinguistics is the study of the biology and evolution of language.

FAQs – What is Biological engineering?

Ans - Biological engineering studies biological processes.

FAQs – What is Botany?

Ans - Botany is the study of plants

FAQs – What is Cell Biology?

Ans - is Cell biology the study of the cell as a complete unit, and the molecular and chemical interactions that occur within a living cell

FAQs – What is Cognitive Biology?

Ans - Cognitive Biology is the study of cognition

FAQs – What is Developmental Biology?

Ans - Developmental Biology is the study of the processes through which an organism forms, from zygote to full structure. 

FAQs – What is Ecology?

Ans – Ecology is the study of the interactions of living organisms with one another and with the non-living elements of their environment

FAQs – What is Embryology?

Embryology is the study of the embryo development.

FAQs – What is Entomology?

Ans -– Entomology is the study of insects

FAQs – What is Ethology?

Ans – Ethology is the study of animal behaviour

FAQs – What is Evolutionary Biology?

Ans - Evolutionary biology is the study of the origin and descent of species over time

FAQs – What is Genetics?

Ans – Genetics studies genes and heredity

FAQs – What is Genomics?

Ans - Genomics is the study of genomes.

FAQs – What is Gerontology?

Ans – Gerontology is the study of ageing processes

FAQs – What is Herpetology?

Ans – Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians

FAQs – What is Immunology?

Ans - Immunology is the study of the immune system 

FAQs – What is Mammalogy?

Ans – Mammalogy is the study of mammals

FAQs – What is Marine Biology?

Ans - Marine biology is the study of ocean ecosystems, plants, animals, and other living beings

FAQs – What is Microbiology?

Ans - Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms (microorganisms) and their interactions with other living things

FAQs – What is Molecular Biology?

Ans - Molecular biology is the study of biology and biological functions at the molecular level, some cross over with biochemistry

FAQs – What is Mycology?

Ans – Mycology is the study of fungi

FAQs – What is Nanobiology?

Ans – Nanobiology the application of nanotechnology in biological research, and the study of living organisms and parts on the nanoscale level of organization

FAQs – What is Ornithology?

Ans – Ornithology is the study of birds

FAQs – What is Paleontology?

Ans - is Paleontology the study of fossils and sometimes geographic evidence of prehistoric life.

FAQs – What is pathology?

Ans – pathology the study of diseases, and the causes, processes, nature, and development of disease

FAQs – What is Pharmacology?

Ans - Pharmacology is the study of the interactions between drugs and organisms

FAQs – What is Phycology?

Ans - Phycology scientific study of algae

FAQs – What is Physiology?

Ans - Physiology studies the functions and mechanisms in living organisms

FAQs – What is Phytopathology?

Ans - Phytopathology is the study of plant diseases

FAQs – What is Plant Physiology?

Ans - Plant physiology is concerned with the functioning, or physiology, of plants

FAQs – What is Psychobiology?

Ans – Psychobiology is the application of methods traditionally used in biology to study human and non-human animal’s behaviour

FAQs – What is Quantum Biology?

Ans - Quantum biology is the study of the role of quantum phenomena in biological processes

FAQs – What is Synthetic biology?

Ans - Synthetic biology is the research integrating biology and engineering; construction of biological functions not found in nature

FAQs – What is Virology?

Ans – Virology the study of viruses and some other virus-like agents

FAQs – What is Zoology?

Ans - Zoology is the study of animals

FAQs – What is  Astrobiology?

Ans – Astrobiology is the study of evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe

FAQs – What is Anatomy?

Ans – Anatomy is the study of structures of organisms

FAQs – What is Biochemistry?

Ans - Biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions required for life.

FAQs – What is biomedical research?

Ans - Biomedical research is the study of health and disease

FAQs – What is Biotechnology?

Ans – Biotechnology is the study of the manipulation of living matter, including genetic modification and synthetic biology

FAQs – What is Histology?

Ans – Histology is the study of tissues

FAQs – What is Ichthyology?

Ans – Ichthyology is the study of fish

FAQs – What is Neuroscience?

Ans – Neuroscience studies nervous system 










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