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Cricket Terms ICC World Test Championship Final 2021 when and where is it being played?

FAQs ICC World Test Championship Final 2021 when and where is it being played?

ICC World Test Championship Final 2021 is being played between Jun 18 - Jun 22 in the year 2021.

India vs. New Zealand are playing in the Final.

The venue is The Rose Bowl, Southampton – United Kingdom

What is IPL?

IPL is also known as Indian Premier League.

IPL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league.

In 2007 IPL was established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

 Mumbai Indians won in the year 2020.

Which Indian Cricketer was honored with Bharat Ratna?

Sachin Tendulkar was honored with Bharat Ratna

Who is an All-rounder?

A player skilled at both batting and bowling

What is Ball tampering?

Illegal alteration of the condition of the ball

What is Ball?

The round object which the bowler bowls.

What is Bat?

The tool with which the batsman strikes the ball.

What is a Batsman? 

A player on the batting side

What is Boundary? 

The perimeter of the ground

Who is Captain?

The person in command of a whole team.

What is Catch? 

Catching the ball before it touches the ground.

What is caught behind?

A catch by the wicket-keeper.

What is Century?

An individual score of at 100 runs

What are Covers? 

A fielding position between point and mid-off.

What is Delivery?

The act of bowling the ball.

What is Duckworth-Lewis Method? 

It is a mathematical rule which determines the winner or target score if a limited over’s match cannot be completed. 

What are eleven?

A cricket team which is made of eleven players.

What is Four?

Four is a shot that reaches the boundary

What is Helicopter shot?

A shot a batting shot invented and popularized by M. S. Dhoni

Who is a Non-striker?

The batsman standing at the bowling end

What is not out? 

Call of the umpire turning down an appeal for a wicket.

What is ODI?

One Day International match

What is out?


What is over?

When a bowler completes bowling six balls.

What is Pitch? 

Surface in the centre of the field which is 22 yards in length

Who is a Scorer?

A person recording the scoring. 

What is Session?

A period of play

What is Six?

A shot which passes over the boundary.  

Who is Skipper?


What is Test cricket? 

Matches that last up to five days and each side has two innings.

What is The Ashes?

An ash is the trophy concerned with England v Australia Test matches series.

Who is Third umpire?

An Umpire off the field.

What is Tie?

Tie is when the two teams' scores are equal

What is Twenty 20 or T20?

A form of limited overs cricket in which each team has to play twenty overs.

Who is Umpire?

Umpire enforces the laws and is the adjudicator of play.

Who is Wicket-keeper?

The player behind the batting end of the wicket

What is wide?

A ball delivery that passes wide off the wicket

What is caught? 

Dismissal method

Who is Fielder?

A player on the fielding side

What is Innings?

One team turns to bat or bowl

What is Maiden over?

An over in which no runs are scored off the bat, and no wide or no-balls are bowled. 

What is No-ball?

An illegal delivery.

What is Result?

The final outcome of a match.

What is run out?

Dismissal by a member of the fielding side breaking the wicket while the batsman in the process of making a run.

What is Toss?

Coin flipping to determine which captain will have the right to choose batting or fielding.

LBW - Leg before wicket.

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