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Data Scientist

What is Data Science?

Data – Bits of Information

Data Science – Study of Data.

It involves creating algorithms and models to extract knowledge from data.

What is Data Analytics?

Analysis of Data

Used for solving problems and decision making.

What is Big  Data?

Big Data deals with large amounts of Data.

What are Career Opportunities for Data Scientists?

Business Intelligence Specialist

Chief Data Officer

Computer Scientist

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Economist Research Analyst

Enterprise Data Manager

Health Insurance Analyst

IT Specialist

Management and Program Analyst

Mathematical Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Policy Advisor

Procurement Analyst

Public Health Analyst

Research Analyst

Social Science Analyst 

DATA Opportunities

What are the Skills required?


Knowledge of languages such as, C/C++, Perl, JavaScript, SQL, Python etc.

Identifying right  tools for problem solving

Statistical ability

 Capable of performing complex statistical analysis on


 Data Structures and Database Management


Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization


Regression, etc.

Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking allows data scientists to approach problems analytically, creatively and adopt innovative solutions.


What are the Domain Knowledge?

Most positions require sector-specific domain knowledge.

Agriculture, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Education, Energy, Finance, Health

Local Government, Manufacturing, Services Maritime Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research etc.

Where to study Data Science in USA?

Masters (MS) in Data Science 

Carnegie Mellon University

Indiana University

New York University

Stanford University

UC Berkeley

University of Massachusetts

University of Southern California

University of Virginia


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