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What are the Important Antonyms? How to Learn General English Series

What are the Important Antonyms?

Achieve Fail

Afraid Confident

Ancient Modern

Arrive Depart

Arrogant Humble

Ascend Descend

Attack Defend

Blunt Sharp

Brave Cowardly

Cautious Careless

Complex Simple

Compliment Insult

Crazy Sane

Crooked Straight

Decrease Increase

Demand Supply

Destroy Create

Divide Unite

Drunk Sober

Expand Contract

Freeze Boil

Full Empty

Generous Stingy

Giant Dwarf

Gloomy Cheerful

Guilty Innocent

Hire Fire

Idle Active

Include Exclude

Individual Group

Innocent Guilty

Knowledge Ignorance

Liquid Solid

Major Minor

Marvelous Terrible

Mature Immature

Maximum - Minimum

Noisy Quiet

Optimist - Pessimist

Ordinary Extraordinary

Passive Active

Permanent Unstable

Plentiful Sparse

Positive Negative

Powerful Weak

Praise Criticism

Private Public

Problem Solution

Professional Amateur

Profit Loss

Quality Inferiority

Random Specific

Rigid Flexible

Segregate Integrate

Shame Honor

Simple - Complicated

Single Married

Strength Weakness

Sunny - Cloudy

Superb Awful 

Temporary Permanent

Timid Bold

Toward Away

Tragic Comic

Transparent - Opaque

Triumph Defeat

Union Separation

Unique Common

Upset Relaxed

Urge Deter

Vacant Occupied

Vague Definite

Vertical Horizontal

Villain Hero

Visible - Invisible

Wax - Wane

Wealth Poverty


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