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FAQs Indian Geography 2

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What are the important features of Agricultural Seasons in India?

Kharif Crops – Sown in summer between May and July and harvested after rains in September or October.

Sugarcane, Jute, Rice, Jowar, Maize, Bajra, Cotton, Tobacco, Groundnut and Pulses .

Rabi Crops Sown at beginning of winter and harvested before summer season between February and April

Barley, Wheat, Potato, Grams and Oilseeds

Zaid Crops – Raised between April and June

Watermelon, Melon, Cucumber, leafy vegetables etc.

Cash Crops – Commercial crops are also grown.

Jhum cultivation - This is shifting type cultivation practiced in hill slopes  of Arunachal, Assam, Mizoram and Nagaland.

What are the Important Crops of India?

Rice –West Bengal, Punjab and UP

Wheat – UP, Punjab and Haryana

Maize – Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Bajra – Rajasthan, Gujarat and UP

Jowar – Maharashtra, Karnataka, MP and AP

Pulses- MP, UP and Maharashtra.

Groundnut –Gujarat, Tamilnadu and AP

Rapeseed and Mustard – Rajasthan, UP and Haryana

Oilseeds – MP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan

Sugarcane –UP, Maharashtra and Karnataka

Cotton – Maharashtra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh

Jute –West Bengal, Bihar and Assam

Tea – Assam, West Bengal and HP

Coffee – Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu

Rubber –Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka

Silk –Karnataka, J&K and AP

Tobacco – Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

What are the Mineral Resources in India?

Coal – West Bengal, Jharkhand,

Manganese – Odisha, Maharashtra MP

Copper –MP, Rajasthan and Jharkhand

Mica – Jharkhand, Bihar and AP

Petroleum – Assam, Gujarat and Mumbai High

Iron – Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh

Bauxite – Odisha, Jharkhand and MP 

Gold – Karnataka, and AP

Uranium – Jharkhand, Rajasthan and AP

Thorium – Kerala and Rajasthan

What are the Industries in India?

Cotton textile – Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamilnadu

Jute –West Bengal, Bihar and AP

Silk Textiles – Karnataka, West Bengal and Bihar

Woollen Textiles – Punjab, Maharashtra and UP

Iron and Steel – Jharkhand, West Bengal and Karnataka

Heavy machinery –Ranchi, Tiruchy, Visakhapatnam, Mumbai

Machine Tools Industry –Bangalore, Haryana and Hyderabad

Heavy Electrical Equipments –Bhopal, Trichy Jammu, Bengaluru

Railway Equipments –Locomotives -Chitaranjan, Varanasi, Jamshedpur and Bhopal

Coaches –Perambur and Kapurthala

Ship Building –Vishakapatnam, Cochin and Mumbai

Cycles – Mumbai, Asansol, Sonipat Delhi and Chennai

Fertilizers –Sindri, Nangal, Trombay, Gorakhpur, Durgapur

Sugar –UP, Maharashtra, AP, TN and Karnataka

Rubber Industry – Bareilly, Baroda, Mumbai, Ahmedabad

Which are the Important River Valley Projects in India?

Bhakra Nangal – Sutlej in Punjab

Chambal valley – On River Chambal in MP and Rajasthan

Damodar valley – River Damodar in Bihar

Hirakud – River Mahanadi in Odisha

Kosi – River Kosi in Bihar

Nagarjuna Sagar – River Krishna in AP

Tungabhadra Project – River Tungabhadra in AP and Karnataka

Shivasamudram Project – On River Cauvery in Karnataka.

Oldest River Valley Project of India

What are the Important Features of Railway Transportation in India?

Indian Railway System – Largest in Asia

Head Quarter of Indian railway – New Delhi

Fourth Largest in the world

First train – Bombay to Thane in 1853 – 34 kms.

Longest Railway Platform –Gorakhpur

Longest Train Route - Dibrugarh - Kanyakumari Vivek Express  - 4286 km

First Metro Rail – Calcutta/Kolkata -1984

Rail network is divided into sixteen zones for administrative purposes.

Subsidiaries – IRCTC and Rail Tel

What are the Important Features of Konkan Railways?

Operated By Konkan Railway Corporation Limited

The 741 km (461 mi) line connects Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka States in India. The first train on the completed track - flagged off on January 26, 1998. 

What are the Important Features of Roadways in India?

Roads are classified as National Highways, State Highways, District Highways Village Roads, Border Roads and  International Highways.

National Highways are maintained by Ministry of Road

Transport and Highways

As of 2015 - 97,991 kms

State Highways - Public Works Department of State/Union Territory

 As of 2015 - 167,109 kms

Maharashtra has the maximum length of surfaced roads in India.

What are the Important Features of Airways in India?

JRD Tata was the first person who undertook a solo flight.

It was from Mumbai to Karachi in 1931

Tata Airlines in 1935 started operations between Mumbai and  Thiruvanathapuram

1953 – All private Airlines nationalized.

Indian Airlines and Air India came into existence.

Currently a number of private airlines are operating.

What are the Important Features of Waterways in India?

Extensive network of inland waterways present in India

It is in the form of rivers, canals, backwaters and creeks.

The total navigable length is 14,500 km

River - 5,200 km

Canals - 4,000 km 

What are the Important Features of Ports in India?

Waterways Authority in India.

Ports are divided into three Categories

Major, Minor and Intermediate.

There are about 12 Major Ports and 200 notified minor and intermediate ports.

Which are the Major Ports in India?








New Mangalore


Jawaharlal Nehru

Mumbai and Kandla

Port Trusts administer these ports

What are the Nicknames of Important Indian Places?

Golden City – Amritsar

Manchester of India – Ahmadabad

City of Seven Islands – Mumbai

Queen of Arabian sea – Cochin

Space city – Bengaluru

Garden City of India – Bengaluru

Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru

Electronics City of India – Bengaluru

Pink City – Jaipur

Gateway of India –Mumbai

Twin city – Hyderabad – Secunderabad

City of Festivals – Madurai

Deccan Queen – Pune

City of Buildings – Kolkata

Dakshin Ganga – Godavari

Old Ganga – Godavari

City of Nawabs – Luck now

Venice of the East – Cochin

Sorrow of Bengal – Damodar

Sorrow of Bihar – Kosi 

Blue Mountains – Nilgiri

Queen of the Mountains – Mussoorie

Sacred River – Ganga

Hollywood of India – Mumbai

City of Castles – Kolkata

State of Five Rivers – Punjab

City of Weavers – Panipat

City of Lakes – Srinagar

Steel City – Jamshedpur

City of Rallies – New Delhi

Heaven of India – J & K

Garden of Spices – Kerala

Switzerland of India – Kashmir

Abode of Gods – Prayag

Pittsburg of India – Jamshedpur

Which are the Industries associated with important towns of  India?

Ahmadabad – Cotton textiles

Agra – Leather, Marble, Carpets

Aligarh – Locks, Cutlery

Ankleshwar – Oil Fields

Anand – Milk products

Alwaye – Fertilizer, Monazite factory

Bokaro – Steel Plant

Bengaluru – Software, Electronics, Telephones, Aircraft

Bhilai – Steel Plant

Barauni – Chemical Fertilizer

Burnpur – Steel Plant

Bhagalpur – Silk Industry

Kolkata – Jute, Leather

Cochin – Ship Building, Coconut, Oil and Rubber

Dhariwal – Woollen Clothes

Durgapur – Steel

Darjeeling – Tea

Firozabad – Bangle Works

Haldia – Chemical Fertilizer

Hazira – Artificial Rayon

Jamshedpur –Iron and Steel, Locomotion, Railway Coaches

Jallundhur – Surgical Goods and Sports Articles

Jharia – Coal Mines

Kanpur –Cotton, leather and Sugar

Katni – Cement

Kolar – Gold Mining

Kanchipuram – Silk Clothes

Khetri – Copper Industries

Ludhiana – Hosiery

Lucknow – Embroidery

Chennai – Coach Factory

Muradabad – Brassware and Cutlery

Mathura – Oil Refinery

Meerut – Sports Goods

Mumbai – Cinema, Textiles

Nepanagar – Newsprint

Nasik – Security Printing Press

Neyveli – Lignite Industries

Panna – Diamond

Pimpri-Penicillin Factory

Raniganj – Coal mining

Rourkela – Steel Plant

Srinagar – Woollen Shawls, Silk

Surat – Diamond Cutting, Cotton textiles

Singhbum – Copper, Iron

Titagarh – Paper & Jute

Trombay – Oil Refinery

 Thumba – Rocket Launching Station

Vishakhapatnam – Ship Building, Iron and Steel

Varanasi – Rail Engines

Banking IBPS PO Clerical Insurance Railways UPSC SSC CTET NDA CDS RRB Exams General Knowledge Super Fast Revision for Competitive Examinations.

FAQs Indian Geography 2

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