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FAQs Jobs and Careers as Water Science Policy Professionals

FAQs Jobs and Careers as Water Science Policy Professionals

Water Scarcity is a global challenge and Management of water resources is the need of the day.

Special courses on Water Policy and water Management are now offered by many institutions and universities.

What is the scopeJobs and Careers as Water Science Policy Professionals?

The professionals have careers and work opportunities both at policy and at practice.

Many Jobs are available at State and Central Government levels, International Agencies, NGOs and offer bright career prospects.

Where to study?

M.Sc in Water Science and Governance is offered by Teri University.

Indian Institute of Science –Bangalore

IITs –Roorkee, IIT – Kharagpur, IIT Bhubaneswar – Offer various courses at PG level.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences offers M.Sc in Water Policy and Governance. 


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