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Learn To Differentiate. How to Learn General English Series

English Words and How to Differentiate?

Affect - To influence

Effect - To cause or bring about

All right - Two words - completely correct or acceptable

Alright - Not in use today

All together - Assembled into one group

Altogether - Completely or entirely

All ready - (two words) everything is in order

Already - Previously or prior to a specified time

Among - Used with three or more persons or things

Between - Used to differentiate between two people or things

Amount - Used with reference to money or things that can't be counted

Number - Refers to items that can be counted; a specific amount

Anyone - Used if any is important and is to be emphasized

Any one - Used to refer to a specific person, place or thing

Balance - Strictly speaking, the difference between debits and credits

Remainder - Something left over in any situation

Complement - To complete, is fitting, or adds a finishing touch

Compliment - To flatter or offer words of praise

Continual - Continuing, but stop-and-go activity

Continuous - Constant activity with no letup

Credible - Capable of being true or believable

Creditable - Performance worthy of credit or special mention

Each other - When only two persons are involved

One another - When three or more persons are involved

Eminent - Famous or noteworthy

Imminent - Expected to happen soon

Except - To exclude from a group or single out

Accept - To receive what may be offered or to assent

Farther - Referring to specific distance

Further – To indicate extent or degree

Infer - Objectively draw a conclusion

Imply - To hint or suggest

Latest - Refers to the last condition that is still in effect

Last - Refers to final things -after all others

Less - Mainly refers to things which are hard to count

Fewer - Generally refers to people or things that can be counted

Lie - To rest and does not take an object

Lay - To put or place and usually takes an object

Party - Group of people

Person - Refers to an individual

Practical - Useful to pragmatic

Practicable - That has been proposed but has not yet been tested

Precede - To 'go before'

Proceed - To 'go ahead' or ' move forward'

Principal - Main or primary participant

Principle - Rule or underlying tenet

Raise - To lift or cause something to move up

Rise - Takes on the more subjunctive sense of ' to go up' or 'come up'

Stationery - Situated in one place or without movement

Stationery - Paper used for writing

Very - Adverb meaning to a high degree

Real - Adjective meaning truly, actual or fundamental (use with nouns)

Without - Preposition used to indicate the absence of something or someone

Unless - Conjunction indicating an exception to the stated condition

What are the important One Word Substitution?

Abdication – voluntary giving up of power or position

Aborigines- the original inhabitants of a country

Acoustics- relating to sound

Acumen - superior mental acuteness

Adhoc - for the purpose

Adolescence - a stage of growth between boyhood and youth

Adulation - excessive devotion

Aeronautics -science of flight of airplanes

Affidavit- a written statement given on oath

Agenda – a list of items/activities to be transacted at a meeting

Aggravate - to make worse

Alimony – allowance paid to wife on legal separation

Allegory- description of a subject with symbolical representation to another

Alluvial- sandy soil deposited by running water

Almanac – an annual calendar with positions of stars

Altimeter- instrument used for measuring altitudes in aircraft

Altruist – person who considers the happiness and well-being of others first

Amateur – a man who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession

Ambidexterity – person who can use either hand with ease

Ammeter- instrument used for measuring the electrical currents in amperes

Amnesty- general pardon of the offenses against government

Amphibian – animals which live both on land and sea

Amputate – to cut off a part of a person's body

Anachronistic - set in wrong time or period

Anarchist – person who is out to destroy all governance, person law and order

Anarchist - person who provokes disorder in a state

Anatomy - study of sciences relating to the bodily structure of human

Anemometer - instrument used for measuring the force and velocity of winds

Anesthetics - drugs causing unconsciousness such as chloroform

Annihilate - destroy utterly

Annuity - yearly grant

Anonymous - that which is written without name

Anthology – a collection of poems

Anthropologist - person who studies development of man from primitive ages

Anthropologist – person who studies the evolution of mankind

Antiquarian - a person who is interested in antiquities

Apostasy - to renounce person's faith or religion

Aquarium - a thing where fishes are kept

Aquatic – animals/plants which live in water

Arbitrator – a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute  


Arbitrator - person who is appointed by two parties & decide their difference

Arboreal - living in trees

Arboriculture - cultivation of trees and vegetables

Archaeologist - person who studies human antiquities

Archaism - using ancient languages

Archeologist – person who make a scientific study of human antiquities

Archives – a place where government or public records are kept

Aristocracy - the rule by nobles

Arsenal - place where weapons are manufactured and stored

Articulate - pronounce clearly

Astrologer – a person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings

Astronomer – a person who studies stars planets and other heavenly bodies

Astronomy -study of heavenly bodies

Atheist – a person who does not believe in god

Atmosphere - the air surrounding the earths

Audible - that which can be heard

Audience – a number of people listening to a lecture

Audiometerinstrument used for measuring the intensity of sound

Autobiography – the life history of a person written by himself

Autocracy - absolute rule by person


Autocracy – government by person

Autocrat - who exercises absolute power

Avalanche - a heavy mass of snow falling down

Axiom – a statement which is accepted as true without proof

Ballad -a short narrative poem

Ballistics - science dealing with the motion of projectile e.g. rockets

Barometer - an apparatus used for measuring the atmospheric pressure

Bellicose - ready to fight

Benefactor - kind helper

Benevolent - kind hearted

Bevy - group of girls or women

Bibliography - a list of books with details

Bibliophile – a lover and collector of books

Biennial – an event which happens once in two years

Bifurcate - divided into two branches

Bigamy - two life partners at a time

Bilingual - spoken or written in two languages

Biography - life of a person written by somebody

Biologist - person who studies the science of animals and plants

Biota - animal and plant life of a religion or period

Black box - an apparatus which records the fight data of an airplane and is also a voice recorder

Blasphemy – the act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things

Blood transfusion - the process the transfusing blood of person into blood stream of another person

Botanist - person who studies the science of plants

Bouquet – a collection of flowers

Boycottto abstain from buying or using

Brittle - easily broken

Bureaucracy – government by the officials

Butcher person whose business is to slaughter cattle for food

Cadaver - dead body

Calligraphist – a person who writes beautiful handwriting

Calligraphy - beautiful writing

Calorimeter - an instrument used for measuring quantities of heat

Cannibal – person who eats human flesh

Carburetor - an apparatus used in an internal combustion

engine for charging air with petrol

Cardiac - related to the heart

Cardinal - of prime importance

Cardiograph - a medical instrument for tracing heat movements

Cardiologist – a person who is specialist in heart diseases

Carnivorous – which / who lives on flesh

Cartographer –person drawing maps

Cavalry – soldiers on horse back

Centipede - an insect with many legs

Chauffeur – person employed to drive a car

Chemotherapy- medical treatment by chemicals

Choreographer – person who teaches dancing

Classic - that which is acclaimed as an excellent work

Cloak room – a place for luggage at railway station

Coercion - intimidation by threat 

Colleagues - persons who work in the same department

Connoisseur - me who is well versed in any subject a critical judge of any art particularly fine arts

Contagious disease - a disease which spreads by contact

Contemporary - person who lives at the same time of another

Convalescence – recovering from illness

Converge - to meet in a point

Copy-right - exclusive right to publish a book or content

CrΓ¨che – a nursery for children

Creditor - person to whom a debt owed

Credulous - too ready to believe

Crescendo - gradual increase in force - volume - loudness

Crusade – a religious war

Cryptograph - secret writing

Cul-de-sac - dead end

Curator – a person in charge of a museum

Cynosure – centre of attraction

Debtor - person who owes money to another

Decelerate - slow down

Democracy - the government formed by the people

Demography - science of vital and social statistics

Dialysis - the process for flood purification when the kidneys malfunction

Diminish - make or become smaller

Dipsomania - craving for alcoholic drinks

Dissuade - persuade not to do something

Dividend - sum payable as profit to an individual

Domicile - a place where person lives permanently

Dormitory – the sleeping rooms with several beds

Ecology - study of plants or of animal or of people or of institutions in relation to environment

Edible - that which is fit to be eaten 


Effeminate – a person who is womanish

Egoism - speaking too much of one self

Elegy - a lament for the dead

Emetic - inducing vomiting

Encomium -  high praise - eulogy

Encroach - make inroads on others property

Encyclopedia – a book that contains information on various subjects

Endemic - a disease which becomes prevalent

Enduring - long lasting

Entomologist - one who studies about insects

Ephemeral - lasting a very short time

Epicenter - point at which earthquake breakout

Epicure – one, who is devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking

Epidemic - a disease which affects many people in a particular area in one time

Epitaph – words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried

Equanimity - evenness of mind or temper

Equine - of horses

Equinox - when days and nights are equal 

Estuary - a broad channel formed by joining of the sea and river water

Ethnologist - one who studies the science of the varieties of human race

Etymology - science relating to the formation and development of words

Eulogy - speech or writing that praises

Euthanasia - mercy killing painless death to relieve suffering

Euthenics- science of improving the environment

Exaggerate - describe a thing beyond limits of facts / truth

Exonerate - free from blame

Explicit - fully and clearly expressed

Extempore - speech delivered without any preparation

Extinguish - to put an end to

Facsimile – an exact copy

Fanatic - person with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm 

Fatal – causing death

Fatalist – person who believes in fate

Fathom - understand fully

Fauna – the animals of a certain region

Feminist – person who works for the welfare of the women

Fertile - that which is productive

Fission - splitting into parts

Flesh eater - dogs - cats - lions etc

Flora – the plants of a particular region

Florist – person who deals in flowers

Flux - continuous change

Fragile – easily broken

Fratricide – killing of brother

Fugitive – one, who runs away from law or justice

Fusion – uniting

Galvanize-startle into sudden activity

Gastronomy - relating to food

Genealogist - one who traces the history of the descent  families

Genealogy - heredity, hereditary

Genocide – murder of race

Germicide - medicine that kills germs

Geysers - natural hot water springs

Glacier - a huge mass of snow

Granary – a storing place for grains

Hangar – a place for housing airplanes

Hedonist - one who devotes himself to pleasure

Herbivore -   plant eater

Herbivorous - eating herbs

Herbivorous – living on herbs


Heretic – person against religion

Hibernate -to spend the winter in a dormant state

Hieroglyphic - pictographic script

Holography -three dimensional photographs by use of laser beams

Homicide – murder of man

Homogenous - things which are of the same kind and of the same dimensions

Homologous - corresponding having same or similar relation

Honorary – holding office without any remuneration

Horizon – a line at which the earth and the sky seem to meet

Horologist - one who studies the art of clock making

Horticulture - art of garden cultivation

Hybrid - anything derived from heterogeneous sources

Hydraulics - study of water or other liquid in motion

Hydrometer - instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids

Hymn - song in praise of god

Hyperbola - curve with two distinct and similar branches

Hypercriticism - deep criticism

Ichthyology - study of fishes

Iconoclast - a destroyer of images

Iconography - teaching by pictures and models 

Igloo - Eskimo home shaped hut or native house

Illegible – incapable of being read

Impenetrable - impossible to pass through or enter

Implicit - not fully and clearly expressed implied

Imply - indicate without express statement

Impracticable – incapable of being practiced

Impregnable - that which cannot be taken by force

Improbable - that which is not likely to happen

Impromptu -made or done without previous preparation

Inaccessible – that cannot be easily approached

Inattentive - not giving proper attention

Inaudible - that which cannot be heard

Incarcerate - imprison or confine

Incinerate - burn to ashes

Incognito - travelling under a name other than one's own

Incognito – travelling under another name than one's own

Incombustible - not inflammable

Incompatible - persons who cannot work or live together in harmony

Incomprehensible - that which cannot be understood

Incorrigible – incapable of being corrected

Incorruptible - very honest

Incredible - that which cannot be believed

Incriminate - change with a crime or fault

Incumbent - holding of an office - obligatory

Indefatigable – who does not tire easily

Indelible – that cannot be erased

Indescribable - that which is impossible to describe adequately

Inescapable - that which cannot escape from

Inevitable – incapable of being avoided

Inevitable – sure to happen

Inexplicable - that which cannot be explained

Infallible – one, who is free from all mistakes and failures

Infanticide – murder of an infant

Infanticide murder or infants

Infantry – soldiers, who fight on foot

Infirmary – a home or room used for ill or injured people

Inflammable – liable to catch fire easily

Inflammable - that which sets on fire easily

Inhalation - taking air into lungs - stimulus

Inimitable -  that which cannot be 


Insoluble-that which cannot be dissolved in liquid

Insolvent – a person who is unable to pay his debts

Insomnia - loss of sleep

Insurmountable - too great to be overcome

Interjection - a word of exclamation

Interregnum – a period of interval between two reigns or governments

Intractable - that which cannot be controlled easily

Invertebrate - without a backbone - without strength of characters

Invigilator – person who supervises in the examination hall

Invincible - that which cannot be defeated

Invulnerable - incapable of being wounded

Irreparable – incapable of being repaired

Irrevocable -a decision on which one cannot go back

Kennel – a place for dogs

Lexicographer – person who compiles a dictionary

Linguist – person skilled in foreign languages

Loquacious – person who talks continuously



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