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FAQs MSW Social Worker Jobs and Careers

What is MSW?

One of the career streams is being a social worker.

Understanding social issues is the focus of a social worker.

Post graduate qualifications like - Master of Social Work or M.A. in Social Work is awarded by universities in India.

What are the subjects taught under social work?

Communication, Development, Human Psychology, Mental, Physical and Community Health, Social policy, Voluntary and NGO Institution Management

Studies include extensive field study and activities.

What are the specializations in MSW?

Specialization can be acquired in the following areas.

Community development, Correctional administration, Criminology and Justice, Disability Studies, Family and Children issues, Inclusion and Diversity, Mental health, Psychiatric Social Work, Social Entrepreneurship, Tribal Studies, Urban Development

Many organizations select these professionals for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and HR Works.

Salary depends on experience and capabaility of individuals

What are the important personality traits and soft skills required for professionals to succeed in this profession?

Adaptability, Communication Skills, Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills, Empathy and Sympathy, Interpersonal Skills, Perseverance and Determination .

Social Work Services

Where to study MSW in USA?

Columbia University

University of California

University of Chicago

University of Michigan

Washington University



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