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FAQs Robotics What are the important terms and definitions ?

What is Actuator?

It is a motor that translates control signals into mechanical movement.

What is Aerobot?

It is a robot capable of independent flight on other planets. A type of aerial robot.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines

What is Aura?

It is a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in 2004 which collects atmospheric data from Earth

What is Autonomous vehicle?

It is a vehicle  with an autopilot system

What is CAD and CAM?

It is Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing these systems and their data may be integrated into robotic operations.

What is Chandra X-ray Observatory?

It is a robotic spacecraft launched by NASA in 1999 to collect astronomical data

What is Cloud Robotics?

It is robots empowered with more capacity and intelligence from cloud.

What is Degrees of freedom?

It is the extent to which a robot can move itself

What is Drive Power?

It is the energy source or sources for the robot actuators

What is forward chaining?

It is a process in which events or received data are considered by an entity to intelligently adapt its behavior

What is Gynoid?

It is a robot resembling human female.

What is haptic tactile feedback?

It is technology using the operator's sense of touch.

What is Humanoid?

It is a robotic entity designed to resemble a human being in form, function, or both.

What is Kinematics?

It is the study of motion, as applied to robots

What is linear actuator?

It is a form of motor that generates a linear movement directly.

What is Manipulator?

It is a robotic hand

What is Parallel manipulator?

It is an articulated robot or manipulator based on a number of kinematic chains, actuators and joints.

What is Prosthetic robots?

It is a devices for missing human limbs

What is Service robots?

These are are machines that extend human capabilities.

What is a surgical robot?

It is a remote manipulator used for keyhole surgery

What is Tool Center Point (TCP)?

It is the origin of the tool coordinate system.

What is Unimate?

It is the first off-the-shelf industrial robot, of 1961.

What is walking robot?

It is a robot capable of locomotion by walking.










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