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Job Skills

Which are the Important Skills an employer looks for in an employee?

Apart from academic and technical skills employers look for employability skills.

Employee skills survey show that a large number of people looking for jobs do not have the necessary skills for employability.

Employee skills list

What are the skills that employers look for in employees?

These are also known as Soft Skills, Life Skills, Leadership Skills, Managerial Skills or Supervisory Skills

Adaptability and Flexibility

Basic Technology – Mobile / computers

Communication skills


IPR Skills – Inter Personal Relationships

Problem solving and decision making skills

Self Management Time stress Management


Willingness to Learn

Candidates looking for a job should do employability skills assessment.

They can do soft skills assessment of themselves.

How to develop skills that employers look for in employees.

Access Internet for information

Acquire resource management skills

Improve writing and reading skills

Learning new languages

Participating in events and contents

Positive approach towards work and life

Acquire Problem Solving / Decision skills

Be tech savvy and learn to apply knowledge and information

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