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Corporate Business Time Management

Why Time Management Training, Courses, Classes, Workshops and Seminars are Important?

Online Time Management Training Courses, Classes, Workshops and Seminars

To utilize time in an optimum manner.

Time Management strategies help us to be in control or charge of our lives and not be held hostage to circumstances.

For achieving life and career goals or professional and personal goals.

Time is a non renewable resource.

 Time management helps us in doing the right things.

We need not waste our time by trying to set things right.

Online Time Management Training Courses, Classes, Workshops and Seminars helps us Work Life Balance.

Online Time Management Training Courses, Classes, Workshops and Seminars help us lead a stress free life.

How to Overcome Procrastination   Tips and Tools?

Why do we procrastinate?

Activities which we dislike

Difficulty Concentrating

Fear and Anxiety

Lack of goals

Lack of knowledge

Lack of skills

Lack of time task management skills

Lacking enthusiasm

Negative attitude

Negative Self-beliefs

Perfectionism and Unrealistic Expectations


How to overcome procrastination?

Be creative.

Break up the task into smaller pieces

Change outlook

Change your attitude .Think positive

Find unique interesting or alternate solutions

Get help in case you are not empowered to handle the task

Just Do it

Plan it

Take short breaks.

Use deadlines effectively positively

Use reinforcement techniques

Visualize the benefits of having the work done


How to Identify and Prioritize Time and Task?

Pareto Principle 80 / 20 Rule

20 percent of causes - leads to 80 percent of effects.

In Time and Task Management we may apply the 80 /20 Rule.

In a List of Tasks

80 Percent of Importance lies in 20 percent of the list.

This mean identifying and prioritizing activities  in a list of tasks.

Key Questions for Time and Task Management

Are you assertive with people who waste your time?

Can you find and locate what you need without wasting time?

Do you get unpleasant duties out of the way as soon as possible?

Do you plan tomorrow’s work today?

What is the time allotted to plan, create, and think?

Is your desk or other workplaces tidy?

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