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Corporate Business Etiquette

What are the Social Etiquette For Professionals?

Social Etiquette for Corporate and Business Professionals

Social skills are soft skills which help you interact with others.

Introduce yourself in social gatherings properly.

In the social world a man is always introduced to a woman and a younger person is introduced to an elder person.

When introduced greet and give a hand shake if required.

You can start a conversation.

Some of the techniques are:

Greeting others.

 Introducing yourself

Asking easy simple questions

Use environment as a starting point

E.g. how cold the weather is!

Wit or wisdom

  Social Etiquette - Topics to avoid 

Avoid unwanted topics



Office gossip

Inappropriate humor / Jokes

Personal / Other’s limitations

Topics that alienate people

Irrelevant topics

What are the Grooming Tips for Corporate Professionals?

Grooming for Business and Corporate Professionals

Grooming happens before dressing.

Personal Hygiene

 Head & Face

1. Brush your tongue.

2. Take care of your face.

3. Do not pick your nose or ears in public.

4. Cover your mouth or turn away from people when you cough and sneeze.

5. Do not spit in public.


Shower daily.

Wear deodorant.

Perfume or cologne should not be over applied.

 Back and shoulder hair.

 Wash your hands after using the bathroom. 

Dandruff problem should be taken care.

 Change and wash your clothes regularly.

Bathroom hygiene should be followed.

How to manage and promote diversity at work place?

Benefits of diversity at workplace

What is Diversity in a Business or Work Place?

Today in a globalized working environment the profile of the workforce is changing. They are people from different cultures, languages, races among others.

Workforce Diversity can include the following types




Marginalized or socially excluded groups


Physical and mental ability


Religious / Spiritual beliefs and practices

Sexual orientation

Social class

 Workforce diversity can bring capabilities like

 Better decision making skills

Creativity and innovation

Improved problem solving capabilities

 Organizations are ensuring that these diversities are encouraged, respected and are not discriminated at the workplace

What are the Corporate Business Dining and Table Manners?

Ask permission when leaving the table

Chew quietly

Compliment and thank the Cook.

Do not make noise or slurp while drinking or having soup

Don't forget to say please and thank you

Don't wave utensils, spoons knife, fork etc in the air

Drink moderately

Eat at a leisurely pace.

Elbows should be off the table.

Follow the mobile and telephone etiquette

Keep bites small.

Respect country’s tradition and customs

Avoid speaking when your mouth is full of food.

Show up on time

Stay away from controversial topics

Stay in step while eating

Wear a Suit.

Social Values

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