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Video Course General English Pronouns

What is the Name of the Video Course?

Superfast Revision General English - What are the Important Rules for Pronoun Usage and avoid errors?

What are the contents of this video course?

The contents of this course are

How to use pronouns and avoid errors? What is a pronoun? What are Personal Pronouns? What is Nominative case? What is Objective case? What are Distributive Pronouns?

What are demonstrative Pronouns? What are indefinite pronouns? What are Reflexive Pronouns? What are emphatic pronouns? What are Relative Pronouns? What are Interrogative Pronouns? What is Exclamatory Pronoun?

Who should attend this Video Course?

This Video Course is designed for candidates preparing for Banking IBPS PO Clerical, Insurance AAO, Railways UPSC, IAS, SSC, CTET, NDA CDS, and RRB Exams and other Competitive Examinations.

Video Course General English Pronouns


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