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Video Course Indian Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

What is the Name of the Video Course?

Superfast Revision Video Course Indian History.

What are the contents of this video course?

The contents of this course are

Indian Ancient, Medieval and Modern History

Ancient Indian History

What is Indus Valley Civilization?

What is Vedic Period?

What are The Upanishads?

What are the Epics?

Which are the Important Religious Movements?

What are Buddhist Councils?

What is Buddhist Literature?

What is Jainism?

Who were the Magadhas?

Who were the Mauryas?

Who was Ashoka?

Which were the Post Mauryan Dynasties

Who were the Guptas?

When was the Sangam Age?

Who were the Rastrakutas

Who were the Cholas?

Who were the Pala of Bengal

Medieval History

Who was Mahmud of Ghazni?

Who was Mohammed Ghori?

What is  Delhi Sultanate?

What is Khalji Dynasty?

What is Tughlaq Dynasty?

What was Empire of Vijaynagar?

What is The Lodhi Dynasty?

What is The Mughal Empire?

Who was Humayun?

Who was Akbar?

Who was Jahangir?

Who was Shah Jahan?

Who was Alamgir Aurangzeb?

Who was Bahadur Shah ?

Who was Bahadur Shah?

Which are the Important Mughal Architecture?

Modern Indian History

Who was Shivaji?

Who are Sikhs?

When did Europeans arrive in India?

Who were the Governor Generals of Bengal?

Who were the Viceroys of India?

What was the Revolt of 1857?

Who were the Important Personalities

Social and Cultural

What is Brahmo Samaj?

What is Arya Samaj?

What is Ramakrishna Mission?

What is Young Bengal Movement?

What is Theosophical Society?

What is Aligarh Movement?

Important National Activities

What is Indian National Congress?

When did Partition of Bengal happen?

What is Swadeshi Movement?

What is Muslim League?

What is Home Rule Movement - 1916

What is Lucknow Pact 1916

What is Khilafat Movement – 1920?

What is Non Cooperation Movement -1920?

What is Chaura Chauri Incident -1922?

What is Swaraj party – 1923?

What is Simon Commission?

What is Lahore session – 1929?

What is Bardoli Movement - 1928?

What is Dandi March -1930?

What is Communal Award 1932?

What is Poona Pact 1932?

What is Quit India Movement – 1942?

What is Indian National Army?

What is Cabinet Mission Plan 1946?

What is Mountbatten Plan – 1947?

Who should attend this Video Course?

This Video Course is designed for candidates preparing for Banking IBPS PO Clerical, SBI, Insurance AAO, Railways UPSC, IAS, SSC, CTET, NDA CDS, and RRB Exams and other Competitive Examinations.

Video Course Indian Ancient, Medieval and Modern History


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