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Video Course Indian Economy Finance Banking

What is the Name of the Video Course?

Superfast Revision Video Course Indian Economy, Banking and Finance.

What are the contents of this video course?

The contents of this course are

Indian Economy

What are Five Year Plans?

What is Green Revolution?

Who are credited with Green Revolution in India?

What is Yellow Revolution?

What is White Revolution?

What is Blue Revolution?

What is Pink Revolution?

What is Grey Revolution?

What is Golden Revolution?

Where was the First Steel Industry set up in India?

Which was the First large scale steel plant in private sector?

Which was the First Public Sector Steel Unit?

Where are the Public Sector Steel Plants in India?

Jute Industry

Where was the First Industrial Jute Unit?

Where was the First Oil Well in India?

When was ONGC Set Up?

What is the Structure of Taxes?

Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes

When was GST Introduced?

What is Reserve Bank of India?

What are the Functions of RBI?

What is SBI – State Bank of India?

When was SBI Formed?

What was SBI originally known as?

When was SBI Nationalized?

Which is the Largest Commercial Bank in Public Sector?

Who is the First Lady Chair Person of SBI?

In which year did Nationalization of Banks took Place?

What is LIC?

When was LIC established?

Where is the Head Office of LIC Located?

What is SEBI?

When was SEBI established?

What does SEBI do?

When was demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Bank notes announced?

Who should attend this Video Course?

This Video Course is designed for candidates preparing for Banking IBPS PO Clerical, SBI, Insurance AAO, Railways UPSC, IAS, SSC, CTET, NDA CDS, and RRB Exams and other Competitive Examinations.


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