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What is Role of Customer Service and Support for Customer Experience?


What is Customer Service?

Customer service means providing service to customers.

This service may be provided before, during or after a purchase.

Good customer service experience helps business increase sales and profits. 

What is Customer Support?

It is customer service defined by support for proper and correct use of product or services.

This may involve support or assistance in planning, installation, maintenance, training, trouble shooting, upgrading or disposal of a product

 Customer service may be provided by individuals or through automated process.

Online customer support is also being provided.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now used for effective customer support.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response are also used for providing customer support.

Good customer service is important for increasing sales and profits.

 Poor or bad customer service can lead to losing customers and business.

Why do Corporate Business Customers complain and how to handle them?

Why do Corporate Business Customers Complain?

Costs and Information hidden or not disclosed

Deficiency in Customer Service

No attention or listening

 No timely resolution of an   Issue or grievance

Not able to access customer service professionals or department

Products or Services being low quality and deficient in performance as claimed

 Promises not kept

Unpleasant Rude Staff

How to handle Corporate Business Customers complaints

Understand, Analyze and Restate the problem.

Get clarification

Look at multiple solutions

Select the right or best solution

Have empathy for the customer

Take responsibility

Communicate how you will respond to the problem.

Be polite and courteous

Do not irritate or criticize the customer.

How to negotiate with a customer you cannot afford to lose?

Be assertive.

Be Creative and Analytical

Be patient

Commit Yourself

Do not be too generous

Do not get angry or aggressive

Do not get frustrated if progress is slow

Do not give in to emotional blackmail

Influence thinking

Know your walk away

Listen carefully and attentively

Never control results

Progress slowly with hardest issues reserved for the last

Start high

Concede slowly

Summarize progress regularly

Take personal responsibility

Understand and Increase your variables.

Happy Negotiating!


How to handle tactfully a customer who caused the problem?

How to handle tactfully a customer who caused the problem

Inform and educate the customer

Trust the customer

Focus on the solution

Have empathy

Do not argue

Stay calm

Do not get personal

Be a part of the solution

Do not be a part of problem

Involve the customer in solution


How to handle tactfully a customer who caused the problem?

Use empathy

Acknowledge the feelings of the customer

Listen carefully

Do not make the response of the customer personal

Be objective and stay objective

Take responsibility

Show urgency

Be a part of the solution

Do not make yourself a part of the problem

Involve the customer in the solution

Form an action plan

Involve other stake holder in the solution.

Follow up 

Customer Service

Personalized Customer Service

How to remember a customer‘s name

How to use a customer name?

A personal touch is highly appreciated in business.

Customers like recognition.

It is highly important to use the name of customers in business transactions.

While interacting with customer listen attentively and carefully when the customer introduces their names.

If you did not get their names ask politely how they spell it.

Write down the name of customer

Spell and repeat the customer name.

Try to get a clear impression picture of the customer.

Repeat the name during conversation

Try to remember the name and the person.

Customers appreciate a personalized service.


What do customers want and how to satisfy them?

A Personal touch or interaction

Convenience of purchase and use of the product or service

Efficiency of the products and services

Empathy - Understanding of their needs

Fairness – of price

Functionality – Performance as desired by the customer

 Information - Relevant and useful information of the product or service

 Options – Multiple options

Price – Value for money



By ensuring that the above needs of the customers are met we can satisfy the wants of the customers.


How to develop excellent customer rapport and goodwill?

Approach the problem from the customer’s perspective

Be adaptable

Be aware of pitch, tone voice

Be flexible

Be respectful

Don’t make the customer wait unnecessarily

Get the name of customer

Handle with smile

Have empathy

Keep focused

Make the customer feel important

Show personal interest

Treat the customer’s problem your problem

Understand customer priorities

 Use people skills

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